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Ranking Tactics Frase Course Review: Frase Beginner To Master - KrisAI

Ranking Tactics Frase Course Review: Frase Beginner To Master

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Written By Kris Phelps
Ranking Tactics Beginner to Master Frase Course Review Summary

Ranking Tactics has produced a course for the web application. The course seeks to help Frase users produce high-quality content in a fraction of the time compared to learning independently.

Course Provider: Person

Course Provider Name: Matt Zimmerman

Course Provider URL:

Editor's Rating:


  • The course instructor is an expert
  • The course is well-structured
  • It is very beginner-friendly


  • More video examples of content types
  • It should include open-source templates to study
  • Videos need timestamps to make content more accessible


Are you worried that your competitors are outranking you? Do you want to know how to use better? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own Frase templates or simply work more confidently inside the Frase AI writing assistant?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you need to read this Frase course review to the end, where we also share a free bonus for those who make it.

Matt Zimmerman, the founder of Ranking Tactics, has created a course called “Frase Beginner to Master” that teaches you how to create high-quality content using Frase. Reading our Frase review, you already know that we love Frase. In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about Matt’s course before you invest any money.

Before we get to the review, let’s see what the course creator, Matt Zimmerman, has to say about this course:

What Does This Frase Course Teach?

The Rank Tactics Frase course walks you through the core features of the Frase document editor. It also teaches you how to write different styles of content, and finally, it shows you how to create quality templates.

Most importantly, Matt shows you how to write with the AI, so you get the output you’re looking for and not the scrawlings of a super-computer with the personality of a dish towel.

Frase Course Review: The Course Outline

I created an image of the current course outline as of this writing. Matt has been adding new content to the course, so you’ll likely see more lessons when you sign up.

Frase Course Review: This is the image of the course outline for the Ranking Tactics' Frase Beginner to Master course.

As you can see, the course is comprehensive. Matt, quite literally, meant “Beginner to Master.”

If you noticed all the green checkmarks next to each lesson, that’s because we completed them, not to brag or anything…

How Long Are The Videos?

As of this course review, there are just over 7.5 hours of video content and 24 videos in the course, which comes out to an average of just under 20 minutes per video. But, there’s one thing you definitely need to know, so make sure you read to the end!

Who Is This Frase Course For?

In this Frase course review, we’d love to avoid the whole “this course is perfect for everyone” kind of claim. We don’t think it’s helpful. However, because this course is so broad, we believe that most Frase users can benefit from this course.

If you are a seasoned user of Frase, you’ll likely get less value out of this course. We watched many of the “Documents” section videos at 2x and 3x speed. There were a few spots, though, where we had to slow down because Matt shared a particular nuance that even we didn’t know about.

For example, in the “Optimize” tab, when you click on a term, and it shows you where that term is used throughout your competitors, Matt showed a tab that we’ve never noticed called “Related Topics” that is positively loaded with great phrases and words to consider.

Who This Frase Course Isn’t For

This wouldn’t be a well-rounded Frase course review if we didn’t ask the hard questions. If we had to disqualify any particular user from this course, it would be expert users. That’s probably not shocking…

We say this because most of the content will be redundant for expert-level users. Will experts likely still find a few exciting nuggets they didn’t know? Probably, but it likely won’t be a game changer for them like the course could be for a new Frase user.

This likely won’t break Matt’s heart because his target audience is beginners, thus the “Beginners to Master” part of the course title.

What Could An Expert-Level User Hope To Learn From The Ranking Tactics’ “Frase Beginner To Master Course?”

With that said, if you’re an expert-level user, meaning you can turn out solid articles from the AI faster than you can write them by hand, what can you hope to learn from this course?

Here is what we think an expert Frase user could still glean from this course:

  • The finer nuances of Frase. Matt dives deep into features that are easily overlooked.
  • How to write different types of content. Matt shows a few different styles of content. If you find yourself only writing “how-to” style articles, then Matt can show you how to write other kinds of content and get the output you’re looking for.
  • A more refined approach to template creation. Matt is an expert at template creation. It’s on full display in this course.
  • Workflow improvements. We’ve been creating content online since 2005. Over 2 million people each month read content on our web properties. We know a thing or two about producing good quality that ranks. However, seeing how other people do the same job is always fun.
  • Get comfortable with features you don’t use. Humans are creatures of habit. We find what works for us, then we lather, rinse, repeat. This course gives you a unique, over-the-shoulder experience where you see how Matt uses features you might not typically use. For example, we rarely use “write about this,” but Matt heavily used it in the course. We may not ever use it, but it’s nice to have the confidence of knowing how a power user uses that particular feature. It’s nice being confident in what you’re doing rather than feeling like this…

What We Love About This Frase Course

Matt is as passionate about Frase and AI writing as we are. He sees this industry’s direction, and he is bringing as many people as he can with him.

Matt has a friendly presentation style and is comfortable with using Frase. In addition, he has an excellent vision of where he wants this course to go and what he hopes it will accomplish for his students.

We also love that he didn’t fluff the course out. Sure, if you’re experienced with Frase, he’ll cover some subjects you might already know, but he doesn’t dwell on concepts longer than he needs to.

What Could Make This Course Better?

Matt’s course is excellent. It’s priced well and packs a ton of value, but there’s always room for improvement. To Matt’s credit, he is adding new content frequently, so he may quickly make this list outdated.

If Matt were to sit down with us and ask how he could make the course even better, this is what we would say:

1. More Examples Of Different Content Types

We know Matt is working on this one, but we’re putting it here anyway. Seeing how he gets the AI to write a product review reliably was fantastic. He also has videos for creating listicles and one where he expands upon the product review to create a round-up of product reviews (nicely done)!

But at the risk of sounding desperate, we would like to see more cupcakes example videos of making different kinds of content.

2. Open Source Templates From The Examples

This is some low-hanging fruit, so we won’t be surprised if Matt adds this. We would love to see some template share URLs where we can actually test version 1.0 vs. version 1.5. It would be even cooler if he open-sourced them so we can see the code differences. About as hands-on as you can get with digital products!

3. Video Timestamping

The most tedious thing for Matt would probably be adding timestamps into the videos. I’m not sure if his video player supports this functionality, but it would be nice to have the ability to jump to the areas in the videos we want to see. This is especially useful for 45-minute and 75-minute videos.

If his video player doesn’t support YouTube-style chapters, then we would happily settle for a list of timestamps below the video, and we can manually scrub through the video to get to those parts.

Frase Course Review Bonus: A Secret Time Hack (And One Thing We Can’t Tell You)

Over the years, we have taken many video courses, and we want to share a time hack and give you a hint about this course that we probably shouldn’t share. First the time hack.

Course Taking Time Hack

Many people often complain about how slow some people speak during videos. Having made tons of videos ourselves, we know you can’t please everybody. For each person who complains about you speaking too slow, you’ll have someone with English as their second language saying you’re talking too quickly.

While Matt speaks at a fine speed, he luckily speaks slowly enough that we got to use our super time hack: speeding up the video playback. This won’t work if you feel like Matt is speaking too quickly. We use this free Chrome extension to fine-tune how fast a video plays back. You can find it here:

Matt’s video player also supports playback speed control, which we’re showing in the image below:

Watching at 1.5X speed will knock off over 2.5 hours from the total watch time. Not too bad!

The Secret We Probably Shouldn’t Tell You.

We can’t tell you the complete details because we don’t want Matt to be upset with us (he’s a cool guy)! However, in this video course, Matt reveals one of his websites where he publishes AI-written content. We won’t reveal the site in this review, but we want to let you know that he shares a live website that is only available to people who buy his course. Pretty cool stuff if you like those fun, behind-the-scenes peeks.

Final Thoughts: What Do We Think Of Ranking Tactics’ Frase Course?

This course is perfect for new Frase users who want to shorten the learning curve and quickly make great content. This course is also great for more experienced users who want to refine their Frase skills and pick up a few valuable tips and tricks.

Overall, Matt delivers immense value and does so without being too fluffy. We appreciate that the course was not padded out to increase the hours. Matt seems sincere in his desire to help people, so he should be rewarded. We are happy customers and give his course a full recommendation.