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About KrisAI - KrisAI

About KrisAI

Hi, We’re KrisAI.

KrisAI exists to help content creators and entrepreneurs use AI-assisted tech to improve business outcomes and change lives.

KrisAI’s mission: To teach entrepreneurs, freelancers, and content creators how to use artificial intelligence to improve their quality of life by spending less time doing the mundane tasks that technology can do for them.

KrisAI: Our Beginnings

For the past 20 years, the founder of KrisAI has helped people use technology to improve their businesses. He started his career at JP Morgan Chase, assisting large eCommerce companies with implementing digital payments into their websites and applications. He built an online publishing business serving over three million monthly visitors.

AI-assisted content software was created during this time, and he knew immediately that this would change how businesses and people created content.

Understanding the Power of Technology and the Importance of Content

Undoubtedly, these technology solutions are changing the course of human progress, and innovative companies will enjoy the wide range of advantages that these solutions bring.

Content is crucial to modern businesses. Gary Vaynerchuk has been saying for the last decade that every business is now a media business. Your business will likely be left behind if you aren’t producing content.

That is why KrisAI’s mission is so important. We are fulfilling our mission by keeping true to our three primary passions:

  1. Our Passion for Teaching
  2. Our Passion for Doing
  3. Our Passion for Growing

Our Passion for Teaching

At our core, KrisAI is a learning resource. We are teaching people:

  • We teach people that anyone can use AI-assisted tech because it’s not complicated.
  • We teach people how to use AI-assisted content creators to advance their businesses.
  • We teach people how AI can be used in their content-creation processes.

Once people overcome their fears of thinking AI-assisted content creators are complicated (they aren’t), they begin to understand the different use cases where AI can make their lives easier. That’s when things get exciting.

Our Passion for Doing

Teaching is our core, but we also want people to take action. What good is learning if it isn’t helping you?

By showing examples of how you can use AI and AI templates through videos and articles, we are helping our audience take action on what we teach.

Our Passion for Growing

Once the foundation is laid and the first steps are taken, people get genuinely excited about what they can do. They can’t wait to find other ways to use AI to help them in their goals. You’re not just limited to blog article writing. What if AI helped you:

  • Write your social media posts
  • Write your marketing emails
  • Write the copy for your landing pages
  • Assisted in the writing of product descriptions

The opportunities are nearly limitless. With each new application you find for AI, you begin to save countless hours of time. This creates massive growth opportunities for you and your enterprise.

How Does KrisAI Help Content Creators, Freelancers, and Agencies?

Our expertise helps content creators, freelancers, and agencies produce high-quality content for their employers and customers. Our blog articles, video tutorials, courses, email courses, and templates accomplish this.

With these educational resources, services, and tools, we help you create well-rounded, exciting pieces of content that will resonate with customers. Our commitment is to provide you with the best resources and tools possible to write this content quickly, efficiently, and with the utmost quality.

How Does KrisAI Help Entrepreneurs?

For the DIY entrepreneurs who are short on time: we help you with to-the-point education that simplifies your workflows so you can spend less time learning and more time doing.

We’re also Frase Certified AI-Writing experts.

A Note From Our Founder


I’m Kris, the founder of KrisAI. I’ve spent the last two decades honing my understanding of technology, the Internet, marketing, people, and the intersection of all of them.

Few would argue that business has changed faster in the last twenty years than in the previous hundred. Don’t get me wrong, cars are great, but what about getting an answer to any question you want or having a product you just saw online delivered to your house in hours?

Technology has changed how business works, and I’m helping companies to adapt. That is why I started KrisAI. I hope you enjoy what we’re making here.


The easiest way to begin your journey for free is to click the button below.