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List Cleaner - KrisAI

List Cleaner

The easiest way to check word count, check character count of text, sort a list, de-duplicate, and quickly change the capitalization of text in lists online for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this “list cleaner” do?

It allows you to take a list of pretty much anything and do a few things to it, including count the words, count the characters, sort the list from A to Z, sort the list from Z to A, and transform the list to uniform capitalization (all lower case, all upper case, sentence case, and proper case). Additionally, you can remove duplicate items from the list.

Why did you make this tool, and why did you release it to everyone?

We often find ourselves working with lists of data. There are many everyday tasks we would do, such as removing duplicates, sorting, and changing the capitalization for many reasons. Rather than finding tools or worrying about complicated things like RegEx over and over, we decided to make a tool for ourselves. Then, we thought, why not let everyone have this?

What is “sentence case?”

Sentence case is the typical style of capitalization in sentences where the first letter of the sentence is capitalized, and the other letters, barring proper nouns and acronyms, are all lower case.

What is “proper case?”

Proper case is a style of capitalization where the first letter of every word is capitalized. This is a popular style of capitalization for blog article titles and headers.

What is de-duping or de-duplication?

Lists can often have duplicate values in them for many reasons. If you want to remove duplicate values, that’s precisely what de-duping or de-duplication does. We used to load our lists into Excel or Google Sheets to de-dupe them, but now we don’t have to.

Why aren’t all of the duplicates being removed?

This is likely because your list contains different capitalizations among the list items. For example: “john” and “John” are two different words for computers. To ensure the removal of duplicates works correctly, you can either normalize the data using one of the capitalization options or tick the “Ignore Capitals” checkbox, which will make all your data lower-case.

How do I undo a change?

As of now, there is no support for undoing a change. Having your original list saved elsewhere is best if a mistake is made.

Why isn’t my list sorting correctly?

This is likely because some of your list items start with a capital letter and others start with a lower-case letter. While a “T” and a “t” are technically the same letters to you and us, they are not the same for computers. If you want your list to sort correctly, you need to “normalize” your data by using one of the capitalization options first.

Why are my acronyms not capitalizing correctly?

As of now, this tool treats acronyms as ordinary words. If you have “AAA” in your list and you choose “Proper Case,” then the list cleaner will transform your “AAA” to “Aaa.” We do hope to improve this in the future, but we need time to evaluate the best way to manage it well.

Does this tool store any of my data?

No. Our list cleaner does not store any of your data. While it might look like you’re putting the data on our website, it never actually leaves your computer. We have no interest in your data, it is your data, and this tool will never keep a record of it.

How do I know this list cleaner is safe?

The best we can do is assure you that we do not intend to obtain the data you are cleaning with this tool or pass it along to any third parties. Additionally, we don’t even run advertisements on this page.

How can I say “thank you” for offering this tool for free and without advertising?

If you like this tool and want to say “thank you” for saving you some time, we are happy to accept donations through our “Buy Me A Coffee” link.